Pressure washing isn’t really about pressure.
Be wary of guys who brag about how much pressure they carry. It may indicate a lack of
knowledge and/or training.
4000 psi is downright dangerous in the wrong hands.
2Bleach is NOT soap.
Soap MUST be added to bleach to get rid of the dirt. If they offer the cheapest price in town,
they have to be cutting corners somewhere & soap is usually the first thing to go.
3Full-Timer vs. Weekend Warrior.
There are thousands of weekend warriors battling for business. They may be working for
beer money, or trying to catch up on bills.
It is a risky move to hire someone like this.
4Subcontractors. - Be cautious about who you hire.
The guy you call may not be the guy you get. Be sure they are properly insured &
actually in business; has the proper equipment & training; & uses the right tools for the job.
5Good and cheap don’t come in the same box.
Beware the guy offering house washes for anything under or near $100.00. They are
cutting costs and chopping prices.
An operation like this is almost certainly illegitimate.
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