A+ Pressure-Pros started doing
commercial and residential pressure
cleaning in 1996.
We knew there was a
need for a reliable, professional company
in the pressure cleaning business. When
talking with customers we heard the same
complaints over and over; the company
the person called either never showed up
to estimate the job, or would do at best
below average work with below average
rented or cheap equipment. Plus, they
were trying to get as many jobs done
possible in one day.

We believe in quality, integrity and most of all, customer satisfaction.

That is why A+ Pressure-Pros is the most qualified company in St. Louis to perform and
complete your pressure cleaning business. We are certified in wood cleaning and preserva-
tion, which makes us a company in demand. People are looking for a company they can trust
with all of their exterior surfaces as well as any wood structures that need the proper care to
outlast the elements. We are proud to be that company.

You have seen the rest, now experience the best.
We will exceed your expectations.

Contact Us Today! -Phone: 314-322-7841 -Email: pressurepros@sbcglobal.net